Advania Thor Data Center provides a secure, resilient hosting environment in Iceland. The Thor facility has a redundant, high capacity, UPS supply and a diesel generator on site for backup.

Fully redundant indirect adiabatic air cooling system, configured to a hot aisle/cold aisle design is installed to monitor and control the temperature and prevent overheating. The site provides a secure operating environment for your equipment.


Advania has a unique new datacenter specifically designed for Miners. The Datacenter utilizes the outside air for cooling and density per rack is up to 20kW. Iceland offers abundant green power resources and Advania can therefore offer Miners an affordable hosting solution for the machines.

The solution is a Tier 1 solution with no UPS or Diesel backup power. Iceland has one of the most stable power grids in the world so need for this backup power is very little. If needed we can also add those elements to certain parts of the facility.


Thor Data Center

Located in the outskirt of Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður.
Optimized for T3 colocation services

  • 2500 sqm facility
  • Easily expandable as required by clients and can be designed for sole or multi-tenant occupancy
  • The technical space is suitable for customer servers, storage, data backup and networking equipment requiring Tier 3 mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure
  • The site has three 1.6 MVA power feeds and is upgradeable to 19.2 MVA or more



Mjolnir Data Center

Located near Keflavik International Airport.
Optimized for HPC and Mining

  • Three advanced data centres specialized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mining
  • Power availability: Up to 25MW
  • Highly efficient energy use is achieved by leveraging natural cooling where we can draw upon the cool Icelandic climate<
  • The PUE is a world class 1.05 or less and the Power Density per rack is 18KW


Our Data Center

Iceland is ranked as the best location in the world for datacenters (Cushman/Wakefield - Data Centre Risk Index).
Situated midway between Europe and the United States, Advania Datacenters are well placed. Not only can our customers save on energy and improve their carbon footprint, they can also minimize bandwidth usage and network latency. Iceland is connected to the world by three sub-sea cables that function together as single system:

  • FarIce
  • DanIce
  • Greenland Connect

The utilization on these cables is low and the bandwidth is plentiful.

Off-net extensions of L2 and L3 VPN services

Advania provides off-net extensions of L2 and L3 VPN services via a number of partners. Services can be available either via a shared trunk or a dedicated physical interface on a case-by-case-basis.

In London and Amsterdam we offer:

  • IP Transit via direct cross-connect or AMS-IX/LINX
  • Layer 2 pseudowire and L2VPN
  • Layer 3 VPN
  • 10Mbps-1Gbps flat rate (CIR) speeds terminated on either 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports
  • 95th percentile billing also available on a case-by-case basis

Energy Source

Green Energy

Iceland´s climate provides plenty of both water and wind. Water is used to generate energy, from either hydroelectric dams or in super-heated form as steam in geothermal power plants. Wind provides a steady supply of natural cooling and helps to keep temperatures down. This naturally limits the power required to cool datacenter servers. Iceland has a robust and modern power infrastructure. All power production is renewable, being either hydroelectric or geothermal. Zero emissions and carbon free! 

Free natural cooling and green energy

A typical hosting facility will use about as much energy for cooling as it does to run the hosted equipment. With Advania in Iceland you can enjoy the full cost benefits of free natural cooling - the outside air is never very hot, and never very cold. This is a key element in our very low average PUE ratio of just 1.17 for Tier III and our Tier I Performance Optimized Datacenters (PODs) can offer PUE rating as low as 1.05. 

Only source of power supply is environmentally friendly, there is plenty of it and it costs less than you would expect - around half the price of renewable energy in mainland Europe or in North America.

Combat climate change with green IT strategy

Many businesses are taking the lead through environmental policies and actions. We can help your organization formulate a carbon management strategy and plan, set realistic carbon reduction targets and meet them.

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