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Get to know more about how you can exploit the full potential of our HPC services.

Landsvirkjun Provides Power to Secure the Continued Growth of Advania Data Centers

Landsvirkjun and the technology company Advania Data Centers have signed a power purchase agreement for the supply of 30 MW to Advania´s data center in Reykjanesbær. Efforts are being made to expand the data center campus and Advania Data Centers expects to triple its operations in Iceland in the near future.

New CEO of Advania Data Centers: Eyjólfur Magnús

We are incredibly pleased to announce a new CEO of Advania Data Centers, Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, who will manage the company’s continued development and rapid growth.

HPE Discover Recap: Hybrid HPC powering the future

We caught up once again with Wolfgang Gentzsch (from UberCloud) at HPE Discover in Madrid to ask him to share more details about the award-winning Living Heart Project, how our partnership was so successful, and his thoughts on HPC in the cloud and what it means for the future of research.

Advania’s HPC Cloud Enables Award-winning Research

LHP Team won the prestigious 2017 HPCwire Editors' Choice Award in the category "Best Use of HPC in the Cloud" & was also awarded the Hyperion Award for Innovation Excellence!

Advania at HPE Discover in Madrid

Our team can’t wait to join other HPE partners in Madrid next week!

November in Denver: Advania is heading to Colorado!

Advania is heading to Colorado for the HP-CAST 29 and SC17 conferences starting November 10th.

Stanford University, Advania, Simulia, HPE, and UberCloud Achieve Breakthrough in Living Heart Simulations

A recent breakthrough in Living Heart Simulations deserves consideration – a new software tool developed by researchers from the Living Matter Laboratory of Stanford University enables drug developers to quickly assess the viability of a new compound, which means better and safer drugs reach the market to improve patients’ lives.

MantiumCAE executes on Hybrid HPC with Advania HPCaaS cloud

MantiumCAE, a young and innovative German computer-aided engineering company, focused on CFD process automation, optimisation and aerodynamics for the racing and automotive industry, has begun executing Hybrid HPC by leveraging Advania’s new HPCaaS cloud for bursting and workload spikes.

Advania at GPU Technology Conference in Munich!

Join us at GTC Europe in Munich Advania is pleased to have joined NVIDIA as a Preferred Partner in their network, lending its expertise to provide HPC solutions for a variety of business and technical needs.

Advania expands HPCaaS cloud to answer increased demand

Advania’s latest service is dedicated to HPC, where companies can outsource their HPC cluster to Advania’s HPCaaS cloud, hosted in Advania Data Centers in Iceland. The HPCaaS cloud can accommodate hosted HPC clusters, as well as allowing users to scale up and down as needed, while only paying for what they use.