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Advania has unique datacenters for all your IT requirements. The Datacenters utilizes the outside air for cooling and density per rack is up to 30kW. Iceland offers abundant green low-cost power resources and Advania can therefore offer affordable colocation options with no carbon emissions

1U - Entry level


Monthly Fee
  • Tier 3 facility 
  • Power included 

Standard Full Rack


Monthly Fee
  • Tier 3 facility 
  • 4kW of power included 

HPC Full Rack


Monthly Fee
  • Tier 3 facility 
  • 8kW of power included 

Miner Colocation


Monthly Fee
  • Tier 1 facility 
  • Metered power 

Carbon free hosting and great economics

  • Powered by clean renewable energy
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint for IT
  • Icelandic ambient climate provides natural free cooling which saves power and money

Our expertise

  • We host over 3.300 servers
  • ISO 27001 certified by BSI
  • A team of 1.000 IT experts at your service

"The abundant, inexpensive, and green energy paired with a data centre investing in its own growth has meant that we have been abe to expand rapidly"

Anthony Nichols, Opera Software

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